November 28, 2007


What a joy - my little boy! I took this series a few months back while trying to put into practice some tips I had learned from Me Ra Koh's blog. I submitted them as sample work and low and behold if Me Ra didn't put one up on her blog and now my little boys face also graces a place on the insert pamphlet of Me Ra's new DVD Series called Documenting a child's life, Refuse to say cheese and Beyond the green box. To say the least I feel honored and encouraged. Thanks Me Ra...What Fun! This is what Me Ra had to say about the first picture of Luke below. "Here’s our first submission. She caught this photo after watching this exercise on capturing details that I posted on the blog. Thanks for sharing Kim! You’re AWESOME! I love his hat, overalls and the little wheels of the train! So perfect!

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Anonymous said...

I like your treatments on these.

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