November 5, 2007

Here's to you Great-Grandpa!

Dear Grandpa,
Sometime this morning you took your last breath. Just last week you said you where ready to go home and pointed toward heaven. Just days ago you told the nurse you though Jesus was coming for you soon. I find comfort in hearing these words, since faith was not apart of your public life. The news that your gone brings much sadness yet joy of your life spent with us. Thank you for being a best friend and lover to grandma even as her mind slipped away from us years ago. Thank you for being the only grandpa I have ever known and the one and only great- grandpa my kids have ever had. Thank you for teaching me to tie my shoes when I was 5. Thank you for sharing your peanut brittle, jelly beans and ice cream bars when you came to visit and thanks for sharing a beer with me as I grew older. The stories you told of your trips to Mexico and all your fishing adventures will forever be ingrained in my mind. Your dry humor and hospitality never ending with plates of food and treats home made. Your Love for your pups and for the under dog in life, not always the best choice for you even in the end, but showed your heart of kindness and genuine caring. Even though difficult for you to utter the words I love you, (in fact not sure if I ever heard them spoken from your lips) I know you loved us...because you where ares and you we were yours. Rest now Grandpa! It was a good 94years!
We miss you already!

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