January 20, 2008


The kids got their first vehicle! A Jeep! Thanks M- they love it! There is a bit of a funny story behind getting this Jeep! My friend offered it to us, as her kids had out grown it. The two of us try to cram it into my husbands Ford Taurus, that in it self was hilarious. To say the least that didn't work! It wasn't till our family took a second trip up North a few weeks later that the story really turns nutty. My friend tells me that they are going to be out of town, so she gives me the garage code to enter and get the Jeep. Our family had a late night and where passing by her area so we decided to swing up to get the Jeep instead of doubling back in the morning. We arrive to a very dark house so we press in the code and the garage opens. Low and behold, there sat the family SUV. They where home! Oops! Scott and I went into stealth mode and transferred the Jeep to our mini-van as fast as we could and took off like a couple of thieves in the night. The scene was hilarious to me, as I looked back at my sleeping kids with a stolen Jeep in the back and my husband burning rubber in a mini-van. I thought the police lights would soon be behind us. M-sorry if we scared you guys! The kids are having a blast in their new Jeep... Thanks so much!

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