January 27, 2008


This is one of those posts that's more for me then anyone else. In the past few weeks I have attended two weddings and two funerals along side grieving the loss of both my grandparents whom requested no memorial services after their passing. To say the least I feel emotionally spent. Don't get me wrong, there has been joy and much celebration in participating in two weddings and there was the magical mystery of love. I have been in awe of how God brings two individuals together to share in life's journey. It was the Memorial services that really leave one thinking. The two gentleman that passed away where both men of strong character and faith. It was clear at both services that these two men had both left an incredible legacy of love, faith and joy to their friends and family. The services were packed with loved ones from all areas of life. In each case their memorial was one of celebration, it was a time to honor their lives and reflect on the goodness each had brought and left to this world. As both men where faithful followers of Christ, it was a definite comfort to know who they are standing with now.

I am finding it difficult to not know where my grandparents are. Emotions of sadness, confusion and even anger sweep over me as I reflect on the possibility of them not being with our savior. The questions posed at Sam's service, was "What kind of a legacy will you leave behind"? I am challenged by this question and hope in the depths of my heart that the legacy I and my husband leave behind is one of Faith , Hope and Love for many generations to come. As I attended the weddings I reflected on the story of "us" that my husband and I share and was reminded to continually seek the best for one another in love. It is good to be reminded of where we once where and how far we've come, it has also stirred in us a desire to be more mindful of where we are going and how to get there. In the same way a funeral reflects a glaring reminder that all of this is just temporary! What we choose to do with our life can either bless or curse others. The choice is ours everyday!

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