February 11, 2008


Did any of you happen to see the Oprah show on Monday? There was a gal named Kari who's family recieved a "Nate Berkus " Makeover. A couple gave up their dream house to give three girls a second chance. Her families story is amazing! They are Washingtonians to boot! There was a neet connection between Kari and my photographer friend MeRa Koh who I've been studing under and so encouraged by. So any way, those of us that follow MeRa's amazing Blog are on a mission to see to it that MeRa and her husband Brian make it on the OPRAH show someday too! Take a peek at MeRa's links below and if you too would love to see her on Oprah, let them know at "BE ON THE SHOW" and submit a request for MeRa. http://www.oprah.com/

Here is the e-mail I sent:

MeRa Koh is an incredible women with an incredible story. Her book title says it all, "Beauty Restored". Her healing journey after facing date rape and the loss of a child is one of courage and hope. MeRa is now on a personal mission or "Revolution" as she would call it, to help, guide and encourage other women "out of the shadows and into the light". MeRa with her talented husband Brian have built an amazing, highly recognized and successful photography business with in a short 6 year time frame. I truly believe they pinch themselves everyday. MeRa's heart to share her knowledge and wisdom is just one of her many giftings to the world. MeRa has a beautiful way of viewing life and capturing it's beauty not only through her words but through a lens. She has inspired me personally as I am launching my own photography business, with many thanks to MeRa and Brian's workshops, DVD's and Blog. I feel in my heart of hearts that the world needs to hear thier story. I hope you seriously consider this amazing couple to be on The Oprah Show!
Truelly Inspired,
Kimberlyn Totten
LifeSong Photography

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