February 8, 2008


Just when you think things are going smoothly, your 6 year old desides to use a comb to pretend to curl her hair. It took 45 minutes to untangle this mess. I resorted to cutting the brisles off the comb. Makayla thought it was pretty funny, till I threatened to sheer her head to look like her brother. Our patience was tested and I really don't think she will ever do this again.

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Becky said...

Kim, I just discovered your website and have spent an amount of time I cannot admit perusing your photos. I'm so glad to know someone who has more pictures of her children than I do - you're the first. But yours are way better than mine! Anyway, these tangled hair pictures brought back such great/frustrating memories of when each of my girls had their turn, at a similar age to Makayla's, at "curling" their very long hair Mommy's round brush - the kind with the skinny center and the long plastic bristles - wound from somewhere mid-back clear up to the scalp. One of them did it with a comb once, too. I wish I had thought of cutting the bristles like you did! Thankfully, we made it without cutting the hair, but just barely! Thanks for sharing your life here.

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