February 16, 2008


Meeting a family at the park on a nice day is one of my all time favorite photo shoots. You can't beat natural light and everyone seams a bit more playful and relaxed when they are out in fresh air. I take time to visit with mom and dad prior to our walk throught the park, so I have a feel for the images and setting they hope to capture. We usually take a few portrait style pictures for starters then take a bit of a walk together. I snap many candid shots as we go along. It's wonderful to come along a tree, river or even a open field of grass to grab a few more shots of kid's just being kid's and stage a few more portraits as well. Most parents are sure to buy some time and good behavior with the promise of play time at the park or perhaps an ice cream cone on the drive home when we're all finished. Every time I have had the privledge to walk and share time with a family, I feel blessed and more passionate about what I do. It's an honor to capture a family, it's children, it's parents... the spirit of each family is so unique and beautful!

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