February 29, 2008


It's hard to believe that it was just one year ago this week that we drove into town and where greeted by this sign out on the main road. It was a whirlwind of a weekend that turned into a job offer for Scott as Dallas Alliance's new Youth Pastor. It was the start of yet another adventure for our family.

An overview of our year:

Relief from a very stormy, stressful and burdensome season of our lives. The sale of our home. A very difficult so-long to friends, fellowship and family in Washington. Praises to our Faithful God for leading us to where he would have us be. Being embraced by a new church family and slowly but surely making friends and discovering ways to minister and witness in our new community. Wonderful neighborhood with even more wonderful neighbors. Having a 12th Anniversary get-a-way! Living close to Aunty and having family and close friends to visit. Both sets of folks for Christmas at our house. Kindergarten, Horse back-riding ,bike riding, roller blading, walks to the creek with the kids and the dogs.Trips to the beach and the mountains. Mercy on Scott's back surgery and a diagnosis of my pain. Fun with Photography, workshops and new clients. A 6 year old learning to read, A 2 year old coming into his own! A loving bunny and a peace fish. Many teens to love, pray for and do our best to encourage in faith and in life.

Youth Building

Scott, You have done an amazing job this past year... Thank you for balancing work and family as well as you do, we both know that it can be difficult because ministry never ends. Keep up the Good (God) work and may Jesus strengthen and guide you as you serve. We love you and are so very proud of you!

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