March 11, 2008


In January I had the privilege of photographing my second wedding. I have had several requests to post more photo's, so let me give you all the details. Erin (the bride) was in my husbands youth group, over 12 years ago. We have stayed connected over the years and she asked Scott to officiate her marriage to a terrific guy, Andy. Our daughter Makayla was also included in the days festivities as flower girl and I as photographer. What a beautiful, busy day for all of us.

I love this photo, it was taken by Thereasa, my partner in clicking!

The reception was over the top fantastic!

This is my favorite photo of the whole night! Erin's dad is a cancer survivor and it was such a joy to see them share this dance.

There is more to the story as you can see from the candle placed near the alter. A quite reminder of a younger sister not able to attend her big Sis's wedding. Kristin was also in Scott's youth group along with her twin brother, Adam. Kristin died after loosing her battle with an eating disorder. We did our best to intervene, with no avail. Kristin's spirit was most definitely present for Erin's big day, her best friends stood in her place by Erin's side.

The details of a wedding are my absolute favorite. I think it is important to capture as much as possible, especially after all the hours a bride-to-be puts into planning her special day.

Here's our girl seeing herself in the mirror for the first time with her pretty dress on. She was so smitten with herself. The grin she gave is forever etched in my heart...this moment took me forward in time to envisioning her on her wedding day.

Oh and lets not forget the wonderful food. The grooms dad did the cake. You know how something always goes wrong at a wedding. Well the cake took a tumble as the flowers where being placed on it. These pictures where taken after this mishap, but I still think the cake was beautiful Dave! It was also very delicious!

We love you Erin and Andy!

May God Bless your marriage!

Thanks for letting us be apart of your special day...

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