April 2, 2008


Another fun adventure we took while in Seattle for spring break was to visit the Butterfly exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. This was such a wonderful highlight of our trip... As soon as you walk through the doors to this exhibit, it is like being embraced by Spring. The warm air flows over you like a soft summer breeze and the fragrance of fresh flowers brings a smile to your senses. Scott and I wandered about doing our best to keep watch over our children while passing the camera back and forth to one another. I love that we share our passion for photography together, it has truly brought us closer as a couple and has encouraged us to see beauty in everyday life. Photography has helped us to dream in new ways and also appreciate and be present in the moment we're in! Hope you enjoy this walk through the garden...Keep your eyes wide open and watch your step... one of these beauties might just land on you!

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