February 21, 2008

MOPS...Because Mothering Matters!

As a brand new mom in 2001, I attended my first MOPS group. MOPS? What is that? Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, you know the ones... the moms who look a little dazed and confused half the time and once they find an adult to speak with they tend to be either too exhausted to speak or all they can talk about is how worn out they are. Let's face it, kids are great, but exhausting! I found so much encouragement and growth as a mom and a follower of Christ through MOPS. These are some photo's of the wonderful women I served with over the years. We laughed, we cried, we shared good times and bad and I am a better person for it all. If you are a new mom and needing some girl time...MOPS is a wonderful safe place to be! For more info about MOPS go to http://www.mops.org/



I have never felt so Tall and so PRAGNANT!

My Mentor Mom!
Love you Kani!

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