May 19, 2008

Capturing Silhouette's!

Half the fun of having kids is that their are lots and lots of toys around the house. I have been playing not only with the kids toys but also my grown up toy- My Camera. My object in this play time was to learn how to capture silhouettes. What better objects than dinosars and horses! Two of my kids favorite things right now! This was alot of fun and I wanted to post the effects I was able to get. The post from a few days ago was also my hand, plus a little photo-shop magic.

Recipe for capturing silhouette shots.

1. For starters I set my camera on AV mode at a 5.6 to 8.0 Aperture.
2. Then I focused on the sky beyond my subject to see what the camera would say my shutter speed should be.
3. Next I took a shot. The camera gave me exposure to the sky as well as the subject/ so I could see both.
4. The final step is how I ultimately got the silhouette effect. I switched to Manuel mode and sped my shutter speed up from where it was on the last shot. I looked at the back of my camera to see if the subjects where darker. I just kept speeding the shutter speed up until my subjects where dark and the sky was bright.

Here are the dramatic effects I came up with.

I vow to never stop playing, especially with my horses!

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