July 10, 2008


We received an e-mail yesterday that humbled me to my core. Lately I have been in a season of struggle as a mother. I have been reading every parenting book, meeting with other moms for support and encouragement and even listening to Cd's about parenting techniques and discipline suggestions. The Lord has been walking with me as I learn, grow and mature as a mother. I have had days where I just want to escape my mommy role all together. Then I get this e-mail from a friend who's heart of motherhood is pure gratitude.

Below are the words of our dear friend Sharon. Her sons where both junior highers who attended Scott's youth group 12 years ago. Please pray for Jason and his family as they walk together through this season of life. I am humbled and reminded to love and cherish my children each and everyday. Each day we have with one another is truly a gift!

Words from an amazing and grateful mom!
(We Love you Jason and we are praying for you!)

The type of cancer Jason has is called Glioblastoma Multiforma (grade iv).

We live in gratitude of the time we get to talk to, email, IM and see Jason (and give him loooooonnnngg hugs)…. But each day holds its own sadness as we know the days are passing quickly and our time with Jason is shorter then we would like.

This terrible disease, even with treatment, usually takes the life of people within 2 years. There are rare cases (less the 1%) when people make it to 5 years, but when I think of this disease effecting My child I can honestly say that I’m not overly fond of either case…. but we move forward in our lives and let God be in control.

We don’t believe God gave this disease to Jason, but we do know that in spite of the disease we are blessed and we can, in turn, be a blessing to others if we so choose…. and so that is what we do each and every day.

We count our blessings, we look for the daily miracles that do occur, we give our thanks to God and people, and we pass on the blessings to others as best we can. We hope for the grandest of miracles (total healing), but are content and appreciate what we have already received and will receive.

So there you have it. The good, the bad, the ugly….. but most of all the blessed!

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