November 21, 2008

Full Circle!

This is more of a personal post today. I always get a bit sappy, reflective and sentimental around this time of bare with me. Plus- I've been sick for over a week and have had allot of time on my hands to watch the world scurry by as I observed and took time to appreciated all that I often am to busy to give thanks for.

Good health, wonderful family, friends and neighbors, food to eat, a place to call home, a car to drive, a bed to rest my head, a God who loves me!!! The list is endless!

Being sick really stinks, but the blessing is that it forced me to slow down and stop flat in my tracks and step off the merry go round for a bit. Man I needed that! Life just gets so dang hectic with all the little things...going here, going adds up even when we try to ward against it. There are things to do , people to see, places to go!

It was so good for my spirit, my body, my mind and yes my mouth to rest. I could barely talk for a week and it was a good measure of humility not to be able to have my say or input! I learned so much more about those around me by being a better listener. I know my kids, my husbands and the Lords Heart better because I was quiet!

Remembrance: I want to share a bit about what it is I am thankful for and the journey or remembrance I've been on recently. I was reflecting on where we've been and where we are now. Life sure has it's twists and turns and for us the ride has never been boring. In fact it has at times been like a roller coaster that seemed to have no end. It's had it's drops and turns where I felt like I had to hold on for dear life with every ounce of strength that I had. Our last real roller coaster ride began prior to moving to Oregon a year and a half ago. We made our transition from all that and whom we hold dear in Washington to move to Oregon. God has met us here in many ways and leads us on in Life and Ministry by trial and error and often bumps, bruises sometimes tears and utter frustration!

Brokenness: We are grateful God provided our needs when we where in desperate need two years ago, facing lose of income, change of career, health troubles and financial despair. We are grateful God had a plan and grew us though that difficult season. We are grateful for friends, family and even strangers that prayed for us, provided food for our table, diapers, milk and clothes for the kids. We are grateful that we had the support of a core group of people that loved us, supported us and walked through the storm with us. We are grateful that in our Brokenness and pure Humility God was and continues to be Glorified in spite of our frailty and failings. God alone knows the bigger picture and with time, he unveils His plan and lets you in on what it is He is preparing you for...He is the only one who can make sense of Life and give it meaning and purpose! God is a God of Order... He knows what He's doing and He brings things full Circle!

Healing: Much healing and strength has come to our family as time has past and our hearts have been broken more and more for the lost and hurting people in our community and in this world. At times the needs seem so overwhelming, disturbing, depressing that it is a battle not to get pulled under the waves into despair and hopelessness. I am so grateful our God is a God who SAVES! He loves all his children and needs us to be His hands and feet to love those who need a touch directly from the hand of God!

Blessing: About 6 months ago, the Lord put a burden on my heart for young mothers...I was not sure where this was coming from or why? Was he calling me to start a MOPS group? I started to pray and confided in Scott, a few close friends, church members and my BSF study group to be praying too! Well the power of Prayer is AWESOME and now onto what God is letting me in on! I am so excited about it!

It's called Bambinos...
Bambinos is a local ministry here where we live in Dallas, Oregon. Bambinos serves at-risk pregnant women and families ( including teenagers, those in drug recovery, single parents and the impoverished) It aims to reduce stress in homes by providing basic needs such as: diapers, clothing, cribs, medicine, etc… Items have been donated and stored in a local storage unit.

Women are referred to Bambinos by the local Resource Center, police department and by word of mouth. The gal who founded Bambinos is driven and compassionate. The two of us have just clicked and it just feels like a God Thing! I am so excited to get connected with Beth and see what the Lord wants to do through this ministry. I have already been blessed to have had the opportunity to deliver items to two different families in need. My heart breaks and longs to encourage those who need a hand up in life...sometimes it is just the little things that make a big difference and give someone Hope. More than anything this ministry is an avenue of Grace to show families that people care and God's compassion has no boundaries. I am humbled and so grateful for Gods provision and Love.

Wishing you a day of Thanks and Giving...

Blessed Thanksgiving!

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Erin said...

Thank you for sharing your heart, my dear friend. God is indeed good!

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