March 30, 2009

We Flew the Coop!

We flew the coop for Spring break and it turns out we weren't the only ones sent flying! Not just the seagulls and the eagles where soaring about, but my dad was given an unexpected shove out of his nest as well!

Our Spring Break is complete as we just arrived home from another trip to Washington. This time we were able to travel together as a whole family and arrive home together. Our first stop was to visit my dad at the care facility in Seattle. The kids were so happy to see grandpa Doug and especially loved the ice cream cups that the nurse brought for all to enjoy. It's hard to believe my dad has been in a hospital since early January. A lot has happened since his life was nearly taken from us due to Septic Shock. Since than he has had two months straight of non-stop antibiotics to rid his body of infection and is now scheduled for another surgery on April 17th. Septicemia seams to be a concern of the past and now only time will tell the final outcome of my dads current circumstance. Will he be able to receive a new hip? Is there enough bone and muscle left? Is the infection really gone? Will infection return? Will they be able to save his leg? Will dad be able to walk again? How long will healing and rehab take? What is all of this going to look like? The questions in all of our heads seam endless. I am grateful for close friends who whisper softly - "One day at a time, Sweet Jesus....One day at a time."

The newest and most exciting, yet totally un-nerving news is that my dad was unexpectedly released from the care facility last Wednesday. We got the news of his impending dismissal on Monday (ya gotta love how insurance works) Yes, a man who nearly died several times over and who has no hip in place, (oh and did I mention he is 6'6" and 240 lbs.) was suddenly released to be cared for by my mom full time. As if she didn't have allot on her plate already. To say the least it put us all into a mad scramble. The logistics alone of transporting was stressful, not to mention trying to find the proper bed, chairlifts, walkers, wheel chair etc..etc on such short notice. Once again my uncle came to the rescue and helped with the transfer. The kids and I were able to lend a hand and hugs as you can see from the picture above, my dad made it safely to the back seat of my uncle's car. Dad was released at 10am and was on the noon boat to Orcas Island. He was in his own bed by 2pm. Unbelievable! It was a difficult and somewhat emotional for my dad to return to the farm after having left two days after the house fire.
My uncle drove my dad down the long driveway to where their home used to be. The rubble has been cleared now and only the foundation remains. My parents are now living in what used to be the guest house for Island vacationers. What a blessing to have a home to go to.

In the midst of all the transition for my parents the rest of us where busy tending to horses and various farm chores. One of which was mommy and daddy pretending to be horses and pulling the kiddos around for a ride in a horse carriage. As you can see from the looks on their faces the kids loved being in the drivers seat.
All in all it was a good trip and one step closer to some sanity and peace of mind. There is still a lot of clean up and work to be done on many different fronts. It is going to be a long, slow process that will take a lot of love, strength, patience, determination, communication, understanding, forgiveness, perseverance, faith, hope, trust and prayer.

The road is long and there are sure to be some unexpected waves. If only we could remember to give God the reigns one day at a time! He is sure to make the journey worth while!

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