April 19, 2009

"Later Gator"

What does a dad say to a daughter when he fears he may not make it through an impending surgery. "I love you and later gator!" These are the words I prayed would not be the last I would ever hear my dad say, this side of heaven. As the kids and I drove up to Seattle Thursday evening, I spoke with my dad on the phone. It was obvious that we were both intentional to keep our conversation, light , upbeat and hopeful as to not let those deepest fears gain any foothold in our hearts and minds.

It was requested that we stay at my in laws the night before surgery, do to the fact that mom and dad needed to get to Swedish Hospital by 5am. It was difficult not to see him pre-surgery, but he said he looked forward to seeing our smiling faces when he woke up! After a five hour surgery and a six hour recovery, we where finally able to wrap our arms around him and give him the comforting smiles he was so hopeful to see. Can I just say I love kissing my dads forehead!

The surgery went as well as could be hoped for. Although the surgeon said to keep our fingers crossed. He was able to place a new hip, but it was difficult due to the fact that there was so little bone to attach it too.

Mom and I both asked about possible future infection and the surgeon, said "you just never know". So as of now our prayer requests are that my dad stays infection free and that healing is swift and without unforeseen problems ( such as blood clots, drop in blood pressure, fevers, falls and etc). Also that the hip will take and that dad will be patient with himself and others as he tries to learn how to walk again. Please also pray for pain management and peace of mind.

Dad was not up for visitors on Saturday, but we plan to see him today. Mom just spoke with him and he said he has already stood on his leg. Amazing! All of us are having tears of joy and relief all over again. Especially dear ol'dad! Thank you for your prayers once again. We'll keep you posted on the progress!

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