May 31, 2009

Double the Fur...

Just over a week ago, Scott came home with a little grey kitten. The poor little thing had been abandon at our church. He could barely walk and was very, very hungry. We think he was about 3 weeks old. The very next day Scott found another kitten ( same place, different bush) and the two brothers where reunited. Over the past week and a half we have enjoyed bottle feeding this little pair. They have gone from being weak and frightened to strong and playful in no time at all. We still have yet to officially name these two-so if you have any fun ideas...please feel free to post a comment with your suggestion.

Some possibilities are Mike and Ike, Jazz and Taz


Moses and Aaron?

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Anonymous said...

Kim...researched some names. Cracked myself up!! My personal favorite is Starsky & Hutch! Some others are:

Barmum & Bailey
Abbott & Costello
Chip & Dale
Ebony & Ivory
Felix & Oscar
Fred & Barney
Gilligan & Skipper
Machu & Picchu (Twin explorers who like to roam the neighborhood or in this case...your church!)

Have fun! - Tauna

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