June 23, 2009

God Gives...God Takes Away

It has been a difficult week for my dad and family. Doug Smart's time at home was brief and he was rushed back to Swedish hospital last Friday. He had spiked a fever and the infection in his leg was causing havoc once again. My dad went back into surgery Saturday morning ( I think this is #5, but quite honestly - I have lost count). It was determined that if the infection was so bad, the doctor had signed permission to remove the entire appliance and bone from dads body. My dad does not want an amputation of his leg and opted to keep it even if it would not be of much use to him. My dad had no idea what he was going to be faced with when he awoke from surgery. It turns out that the doctor left the appliance in and felt that there was still a fighting chance to control infection and get dad back on two legs again someday. It has been a horrible ordeal in every which way-mentally, physically and emotionally. It has been a time of reflection and deep gratitude as well as surrender and testing of faith. Our family continues to covet your prayers. I have spent the past few days typing out the beautiful eulogy that my dad wrote for Bob Tate's memorial service. In doing so I have come across some fun pics and stats about my dad. Praise the Lord his story is not over yet.
UPDATE: As I was writing this my mom just called with the news that the infection is to much and a new bacterial has taken hold. The appliance needs to be removed and life is forever changed for my dad. I will keep you updated as best I can...The next surgery will take place within the next few days. This will be the beginning of a new song for all of us as dad faces life in a wheelchair or crutches. A rehab facility will be his home for several more months to come, as we work together to support and encourage him through this life change. For those of you close to my dad. He is needing space and time to grieve.

Amazing God knows what we need, right when we need it.
This was a scripture and prayer sent to me today that I believe is timely and meant just for my dad in his greatest time of need.

Isaiah 40:31
Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and will not be faint.

Thoughts on today's verse
It is easy for us to live victoriously for the Lord when we soar on eagles wings. It can be exciting when we run and don't grow weary in the work of the Lord, buoyed by his power and presence. But it often takes heroes to keep walking and not faint when trying times come. Keep on walking, brother and sister. The Lord is there when you most fear he has forgotten you!

Majestic God, whose voice holds together our universe, give those who can barely walk under the stress and assault the strength to continue. I specifically want to pray for those I know personally who are facing trying times. Please, dear LORD, give them strength and meet their most pressings needs.

DOUG SMART Garfield1955A 6-7 forward who scored 30 on Wilt Chamberlain in college and still holds Washington records for rebounds in a season and a career. He is ninth in career scoring with 1,478 points.


"Recognizing Talented Sports Figures Around Washington"

Doug Smart
Inducted: 1994
One of the University of Washington's premier basketball stars, he starred for the Huskies in the 1950's. He won numerous all-star honor, gaining All-America recognition in his junior and senior seasons. He led his Garfield Bulldogs to a state high school championship in 1955. He is now a prominent Seattle dentist.

Doug Smart DDS
Dr. Doug Smart is a 1963 graduate from the University of Washington School of Dentistry.
He brings his patients over 40 years of practicing dentistry in the Seattle Northgate area. He enjoys his family and love of horses in his leisure time.
He was one of the UW's premier basketball stars and starred for the Huskies in the late 1950's. He won numerous all-star honors, gaining All-America recognition in his junior and senior seasons. Dr. Smart still follows his alma mater closely.

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