June 27, 2009

New Beginnings

Thank you for all the powerful prayers. My dad is waking up to new beginnings today. Surgery went well yesterday. It was a 4 hour procedure ( much shorter than expected ) and a very long wait in recovery. The long and the short of it is that the doctors removed all of dad's artificial hip and also a spiral wrap and any bone that was infected. The spiral wrap seems to be the main source of infection, so with a continued regiment of antibiotic drip for another 6-8 weeks...hopefully the infection will subside completely. My dad still has a long journey ahead of him to try to adjust to life on crutches, a walker or wheelchairs. This is it...There is no future plan to but a new hip in...he has his life and all limbs to help him balance, he has a strong spirit and the athlete within him is still very much ALIVE! He is ready to press on and do the best he can. Knowing my dad this is just one more challenge that he will rise too. I can just see the upper body strength now!
Again thank you for all the love and support...Praise be to God for his mercy and grace.
Current Prayer Requests:
That recovery would go smoothly , that he will gain weight and strength in the days to come, his protien levels would rise, that he would be able to do what the phyisical theripist ask of him, that he would qaulify to be placed at Cherry Hill Rehabilitaiton Center, that he would be patient with himself and others in this process. That God would cover, protect and provide in all financial matters. Continued wisdom, strength and guidance for our entire family.
Blessings, Peace and Love to you and yours-
The Smart and Totten Family

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