February 12, 2010

First Crush...

There's just nothing sweeter!

A few weeks ago, after picking Luke up at preschool, he said -"Mama- I like Rachel, YUP- I like Rachel a lot...I'm gonna ask her to marry me!"
Well today was the big day!
Luke arrived to school with a bag full of valentines and something extra special just for Rachel. Makayla helped him pick out just the perfect RING! Just look at the size of that stone.
Yes....It's been a big week for the Totten Kid's!
Luke Purposed and Makayla was Purposed too!
Not sure if Rachel said "Yes", but I know for certain Makayla said "NO"! Good Girl!
Love is most definitely in the air around here...well at least for our little guy!


Feuza said...

How CUTE! how old is he? oh that ring, no one asked my hand when I was little not even when I was big, hahaha,
these moments warm my heart

Freida Hall said...

OMGoodness! So Precious!!!

Michelle R. Slape said...


MelinaLawson said...

Love it - You'r boy's got guts! ^_^ And way to go Makayla - Keep holing out girl!

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