April 20, 2010

Leapin Lizards!

Introducing the newest members of our family...
Spike- the little tiny Newt above and
Simon- the handsome green, sometimes gold Chameleon below.

These two little guys traveled home with us from Washington after a friend gave them to Luke as an early birthday gift. Nothing says, "Best Friends" like someone giving your kid some lizards. Thanks Kristine...They are so much fun!
Even our kitties are happy. One of our cats (Banjo) spends most of his time taunting the poor little fellas!

It's been a learning curve to figure out how to take care of these two new cold blooded friends. We are now a house full of all kinds of critters. The Lizards are just the tip of the ice- berg compared to all Luke catches in a day to keep them well fed. Not to mention the Meal- worms in the fridge and the live crickets out in the garage.

More to come about the HUGE Moth the kids caught last week. As of today at least half of the 150 eggs have hatched into little teeny tiny caterpillars.... Hummmm.... Lizard food perhaps?


MelinaLawson said...

The lizards are SO cute! I love the one of Simon mid-step and the one right below that with Luke in the background! haha. So fun!

Anonymous said...

The lizards and the little boy looks so cute..!!But I like the green one more..!!Thanks for sharing,nice post.


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