May 31, 2010

Remembering Dennis...

I know that Memorial day is a day to remember and honor fallen soldiers, these are some photo's of a very special man and soldier in his own right. He never served in the military...He was one in God's Army... Brave and True!

His name is Dennis.

I had the privileged and true blessing of taking these images of Dennis and his mom one year ago this month.

Dennis went to be with the Lord....this past Wednesday evening

May 26, 2010

We love you and we will miss you Dennis!

His mom knew that Dennis' health was quickly deteriorating and had asked if I would be willing to take his picture before things got to difficult for him. We had to rescheduled several times and finally had the opportunity to take a few moments after church to snap a few pictures.

I remember taking Dennis' frail hand and leading him to stand near a shady tree, near some flowers that he liked. He seamed truly delighted to be the center of attention and stood so tall and proud. I knew in my heart as I peered through the lens of my camera, that these images may soon be some of the last that would capture Dennis' sweet smile.

I think deep down Dennis new it too.

To the very last moments in life, Dennis was always thinking of and caring for others... He shared Gods love in only ways that Dennis could. Unique, Beautiful, Quite and Humble ways. I think that I and my family learned more about who God really is by watching the Love shared by Dennis and his family. Through the pain and the suffering, through the illness and disability...Christ has been Glorified through Dennis' life in amazing
and uncountable ways.

Any of us still this side of heaven can only hope and pray that our lives can shine so bright for the Glory of God!

Be at Peace with Jesus Dennis...
We celebrate your life and we now rejoice that you are free at last!
We Thank the Lord for sharing you with all of us...dear friend and brother!


Julie A said...

That was written beautifully! Thank you for sharing those pictures and words. He has taught me a lot about life. We will definately miss our uncle Dennis.

Billie said...

This is beautiful. I'm sure his mother will cherish these photos for years to come.

Sharing our LifeSong through word and image...


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