August 26, 2010

Boys vs. / Girls Summer Fun!

My own little monkey's and their playmates have kept me on my toes over these past few summer wonder it's been a few weeks since I'v posted anything here on my blog! I guess thats a good thing means the weathers nice, my health is good and we have been actively living life!
Thank you Lord!

It's been a wonderful summer, full of many outdoor activities, road trips and just good old climbing trees and running through sprinklers in our own backyard!

Makayla spends most of her days "Hangin Out" with friends, just "Chillin" and doing what girls do! Talking.... doing their nails, talking..... roller-blading, talking..... riding bikes, talking.... swimming, talking....skateboarding, talking...sunbathing, talking.... doing each others hair, talking....dancing, talking...singing, talking....slumber parties, movies, treats and in between all the talking lots of giggling too! You get the picture!

What a joy these little LADIES are!

Then there's the BOYS in the Hood!

These guys are great and have become Luke's two side kicks this summer...yes their both older and have introduced our young one to all kinds of dare devilish of which landed him in the ER just yesterday...(more on that later.)

Let's just say anything that has wheels and goes fast is what these guys go for... unfortunately these boys have not stayed upright on whatever contraption they have been on lately and they have all kinds of "Rad Scars" to show for it.

I think the long boards, skateboards, scooters, bikes, pool and trampoline would be considered Luke's favorites this summer. Now for some camping someday soon to finish off these last few weeks of summer fun in the sun..... I look forward to catching up on some pictures and stories as the fall and winter months settle in. I hope you have had a a wonderful summer and that the start of the new school year brings fresh blessings and new opportunity your way.
For now... enjoy summer while it lasts!

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