September 7, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Here's the brother sister team...
headed off to the same school, for the first time ever.

Makayla is now in 3rd Grade!

Little brother Luke is officially a Kindergartner!

These are the smiling faces I picked up...
after a successful start to a new school year.

The next day was all about riding the
big yellow school bus
for the very first time!

This little someone really loves the bumpy bus ride home.

It's fortunate for this little brother to have such a wonderful big Sis
to show him the ropes and help blaze the trail.

1 comment:

jen armstrong said...

hey kimberlyn...
how very very sweet! gosh the whole start of the year makes their growing up so real and makes us realize this life is so fast. loved getting to catch up on your blog--you are always such an inspiration. you've been such an encouragement to me. needed to tell you that long before this!!!

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