October 22, 2010

Light in the Darkness...

My husband and I went to the coast for a short get-a-way a few weeks ago. It was a stormy night and I found myself sitting on a balcony in the dark, looking out over the rough sea. It was a rare moment, to be alone, quite and still. My thoughts were swirling about all life has brought to our doorstep lately. I was comforted to be sitting in the presence of God, who is all knowing and is much bigger than any concern of my heart.

As I prayed and lifted my eyes out to the black edges of night before me. I saw a tiny light flash on the horizon. It flashed once and than the sky became black once again. Then out of no where the light flashed brightly again, making it's presence clear and visible for all to see.
The Light in the Darkness was a Lighthouse in the distance! In that moment, I felt the Lord allowed for me to see that light in the dark of night, to remind me of His power and His presences in the quite or in the storms of life. I was reminded that even when all seems dark in our lives, He is there. It was as if He spoke directly to my fear and said, " I am here in the darkness and the unknown of night, I will shine light into all of darkness and hidden shadows. It may seam as though I have retreated at times and the darkness may try to prevail. I have not gone away, I am here, I am at work, I will return and continue to shine light for all to see and the darkness will be known and will be no more. Darkness, can not exist where I am. Those that are lost in the blackest of night will come to find shelter, healing and rest only if they recognize and love the light."

"He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadows into the light." 
Job 12:22

I know lighthouses are often photographed and paired with Bible verses about Christ being our light, but it's with good reason. I was not able to take any pictures of that lighthouse the night at the ocean, but I happened to have been gifted a lamp recently. Amazing theme going on in my life lately! I love it when God does that! The lamp has helped remind me on a daily basis of Gods promises. I choose to place this lamp next to roses as a symbol of the unfolding of beauty that comes in time as light helps things grow, change and become more beautiful because it receives light.

"The Buds and the branches were all one piece with the lampstand, hammered out of pure gold." 

Exodus 37:22

Just as a lamp is used to shed light only a few feet before us, a lighthouse is used to warn ships of dangerous coast lines or reefs, unsafe waters, or other dangers. They both shine light in the darkness in different ways, but both allow for us to see and follow it's path. The lamps light is consistent but only shows us a few step at a time. A lighthouse guides ships safely into harbor with short burst of light and then dissipates. This is where walking by faith comes in. There is so much unknown before us and it is our choice to keep moving forward, even if the light seams to have gone dim. Before all our fancy technology the lighthouse was perhaps the only guide on a dark night. I trust you see the parallel to Christ as our lighthouse. Like a ship ignoring a lighthouse, we run a terrible risk if we choose to ignore Christ's guidance or warnings.

"I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them."
Isaiah 42:16

As the weeks have passed since I sat in the glimmer of the lighthouse on that stormy night, I have spent time searching the scriptures for verses having to do with darkness and light. It seams the two go hand in hand! I am intrigued by light not just as a guide in our darkness, but also by it's power and beauty. I have found that light is often most powerful, gentle and beautiful when in contrast to darkness. The darkness is not fun, it is not pretty on it's own...but all in all the darkness seams to have it's purpose to ultimately give Glory to the Light!
I have been reminded time and time again of this truth. When I look at the moon and the stars in the sky, their beauty speaks volumes of our creator. Even when they disappear behind the clouds.. I know they are still there and God is still powerful! The mountains hide some days, but they are still strong and beautiful.
When I helped paint a house recently. I noticed that when a light color is painted over dark....it bleeds through....it took hard work and persistence to cover the darkness. This is how Chirst covers our sin. With His love and mercy He pursues us and covers our sin. The light then shines out of the darkness.
There are many descriptions of Darkness and Light in the Scriptures...some warnings, some... full of hope and healing... all worthy of our humility and surrender from darkness to light.

You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light.
2 Samuel 22:29


Tina Wright Photography said...

Beautiful Entry,Beautiful pieces of Scripture, Beautiful Photography... Thanks for sharing your heart...
Much love,
Tina :) ...

Annette A. said...

So much to think about in this lovely, powerful perspective you've written. Your photography is beautiful as well.

Thank you for sharing this...

Rhonda said...

Love this Kimberlyn.
I continue to pray for you my friend. I wish we lived close enought to go have coffee sometime.

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