September 5, 2007

Makayla's First Day of Kindergarten!!!

What a day! Makayla went to her first day of Kindergarden today. As you can see from the pictures, she is thrilled! She already loves her teacher and made a new friend the moment she walked in the door. Makayla was patient with me as I snapped photo's of this momentous occasion. She hugged me several times before I left class and sent me off with a sweet kiss and a smile. We are blessed to have this beautiful young lady in our lives and yes I cried just a little when I got to the van to tell daddy and Luke how it all went. She was ready and rareing to go to the afternoon session from noon to 2:40. I took one for the road right before we walked into her new school. She is so excited for this new adventure in life. Makayla is pictured with her new teacher. We are thrilled she got into her class, all the local kids have given her rave reviews. The last photo was taken after her first day of Kinderden was tucked safely under her belt.
She looks so proud!

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