December 30, 2008

Hope it was Merry & Happy New Year!

Since this momma didn't get a letter printed out for the Christmas's a cyber note of the Totten family highlights of 2008.

Scott and Kimberlyn

Scott has had several highlights in this past year. Last January he performed his first wedding. It was a special day for our entire family as Makayla was a flower girl and Kim the photographer. In June Scott was overjoyed to baptized 5 teens during a mission trip to Cibecue, Arizona. In August we had a great family vacation with the Meyer's and McKee's on the Oregon coast. In September Scott began running again (after a year off since back surgery). He is thrilled to be running up to 25-30 miles a week. He has lost 35 pounds and is feeling great. We are all very proud and inspired by Scott's commitment to exercise and good health. Scott has been led by the Lord in totally revamping the youth ministry at Dallas Alliance Church. It has been a year of powerful testimony that God has us right where He needs us at this season of our lives. Working with youth is often difficult and Scott faithfully continues to serve where God has planted us.

Scott and Kim celebrated Lucky #13 in September!

Kimberlyn also committed to exercise and better eating habits. Kim loves taking long walks with her dog, Jake with her i-pod tunes jammin! This simple routine has resulted in a 25 pound weight loss and has helped ease chronic back pain tremendously. Kim continues to enjoy being a full time mom and part time photographer. She is growing in skill and passion in both professions. Her heart is filled with much gratitude for all the Lord has taught her through her family, friends, clients, church and her quite time spent in the study of Gods word and consistent attendance to Bible Study Fellowship. The most recent blessing of 2008 is being asked to partner in a local ministry to families in need. Bambinos is a witness of Gods goodness and mercy as He has brought so much full circle in our lives since our move to Oregon almost 2 years ago.

Makayla and Luke

Our lovely Makayla is in the first grade and just turned 7 on December 16th. She is full of life and has a flare for fashion. Makayla is blessed with many friends at church, BSF, school and within our neighborhood. She enjoys time just hanging out with her girlfriends and goofing around. Makayla is a very active young lady and has enjoyed a year full of riding bikes, making forts, bowling, climbing trees, walking to the creek, swimming, horse back riding and cooking. Her top favorite things to these days are to do a dance and singing routine for the family in the evenings after homework is done - of course! Makayla is also in her second year of Girl Scouts. She is a very loving and attentive big sister, we are so pleased to see a heart of gratitude and joy starting to appear more and more in her life each and every day!

Precious Luke turned 3 last May and is in his first year of preschool, three days a week. He is in a stage of sunshine or heavy rain, meaning that we always know when he is happy and we defiantly know when his is sad, mad, frustrated, hungry or just plain tired..(You get the picture!) Luke enjoys anything that goes fast and is noisy. Besides his sister, Luke’s blue blanket is his very best friend! This little man was a quick potty trainee and is now geared up for big boy undies at night. Such basic yet monumental successes at age three and we are sure to celebrate everyone with great enthusiasm. His favorite things are to hug, love, cuddle and kiss us and our two dogs and bunny. He is also quite the little singer...We are serenaded daily to the tunes of ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Tree and of course our favorite "Jesus Loves me." Luke also loves to walk to the creek and spend lazy afternoons catching craw fish or throwing rocks.

Other 2008 Totten Adventures

Besides spending time at the creek as a family, we have had the pleasure of going to the Oregon coast on several occasions to play in the surf, sand and sun. It is wonderful to live within driving distance of coastal fun. We are greatful for many Wahington friends that have come to visit over the last year. We also took a few trips north to the San Juan Islands/Puyallup/Kent/ Duvall. Our highlight travels where to Sun River, Oregon for Thanksgiving to be with Grandma Jeri and Papa Doug and also a trip north to be with friends and the Totten clan for Christmas.

We have much to be grateful for and Praise the Lord for his great goodness and love!
We thank God for each and every one of you and lift prayers up to our King-

"May your life be blessed and be a blessing in 2009!"

Happy New Year!

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