January 31, 2009

Critical to Stable Condition

My dad nearly lost his life on Wednesday 1/28/09. He pulled through after emergency surgery and spent the last couple days in ICU at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington. Dad was moved to a new room yesterday and is resting as much as possible. He is very week and is back to square one with the doctors and what the future might hold.

Luke and I traveled down from Orcas Thursday afternoon and made our way to the ICU with mom. Dad had pressed his little morphine button a few extra times in anticipation of some news he needed to share with us. Mom was on his left side and I on his right, each holding a hand and doing our best to comfort my very distraught papa.

Dad took a deep breath and his eyes filled with tears as he barely uttered the words "It's going to be - Amputation." It was one of the hardest moments of my life, but so filled with grace and strength from above. Mom and I had total composure and where able to console him and let him know how thankful we where that he was still with us. Loosing a leg verses loosing your life suddenly was put in a new profound perspective.

We visited for a while and hugged as best we could between all the cords, wires and bed rails. Dad was extremely exhausted and fatigued so we made our visit fairly short. He didn't didn't want us to go right away because he thought we where going to fall apart as soon as we left his sight. Yes- we have had our tears but it is a confusing mixture of sadness for what dad is going through and also tears of gratefulness that he is still with us.

The last few days have been spent trying to get the run down directly from the doctors. We were apprehensive to fully except dads statement about amputation because of his state of vulnerability and pain killers.

At this moment the doctors are collaborating as to what is the next best step. As of today the plan is for dad to rest and hopefully regain some strength over the next week or so. They are aggressively trying to rid dads body of the current infection that is reeking havoc on his body. There is talk of a collaborative effort of several specialists to once again open dad up and assess the current condition. We have gone from thinking amputation to a slight hope of saving his leg.

It is touch and go and the doctors are working hard to communicate and get a plan together. Our prayer is that the surgeons will have a collaborative agreed plan for that which would be best for dad, his leg and for the rest of his life. May we all continue to lift my dad in our thoughts and prayers as we are hope and ask for Gods Best for him. May peace reign in his an dall of our hearts, no matter the outcome.

My heart is pounding out of my chest as I type this. Every morning I open my eyes and realise this nightmare is real. I am pretty worthless today and have taken time to jump off the rollercoaster. Naps are so good for just disapearing for a while and writing everything out is not just a means of keeping friends and family posted but is also wonderful therapy for me.

I will be in Seattle for a bit longer than I will head back to the island to meet with all the fire investigatores/detectives scheduled to decend on the farm on Tuesday, Febuary 3rd.

One thing I will leave you with...my dad shared with me yesterday that he had a little talk with God last Wednesday night (Thinking he was dieing) and all he could come up with was Pure Thankfulness!

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Erin said...

Kim, I am daily holding you and your family in my prayers. God is certainly with your dad, and I pray He is carrying each of you through this. Love you lots!

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