February 3, 2009

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Fire investigators and detectives spent the better part of the day collecting evidence, taking pictures and speaking with both mom and also called dad to get first hand accounts of what happened the night of the blaze. There where 11 men total and I just tried to stay out of the way. I got hold of a disk full of pictures that really showed the horrors of what my parents went through almost a month ago.

So anyway...hopefully clean up can get scheduled and underway before to long. The insurance company is needing a call back concerning an itemized list of ALL items lost....Holy Cow.... Ahhh-Yeah.... EVERYTHING!

I finally had a pretty good (or should I say bad) melt down last night..Unfortunately I tend to go to an angry place before the tears hit. (Not really what my mom needed right now) I've held up pretty well these past few weeks, but I think the straw that broke me was finding myself broke down along a dark highway night before last. I think it seriously tipped me over the edge. Enough Already! Luke and I where traveling from Seattle up to the Island and picked up 22 bales of hay on the way. We were cruising along in my folks old truck with their dog at 5o mph, when suddenly we loose all power and steering....by the grace of God (once again) I was able to slow and find a safe resting place along West 20, where we sat for 2 1/2 hours for a huge flatbed truck to come to our aid. Luke just thought it was all one big adventure...can I just say I love my son and he has blessed my heart so much through all this.

Long story short we where cold, tired and frustrated..we had also missed the last boat to Orcas. I was able to get hold of a different vehicle and I high tailed it back to Seattle and have mentally and emotionally collapsed over the last two days.

Now for the most important part of the update. My dad is doing Alright, not great....but okay! He is still at Swedish and his main job right now is trying to get some rest (which is a hard thing to do in a hospital.) He is turning away visitors right now, so he can try to heal and gain some strength. There are some hard and very serious decisions to make concerning medical care, treatment and which doctors, hospital and rehab center are the best and safest choice for my dads condition. The plan changes daily and honestly I don't think there really is a set plan in place yet. They seem to be moving in a direction aimed more at saving dads leg now, but this is frightening because is this a good choice, would this lead to more infection? Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors and my parents as decisions are made each day. Also for peace and protection as we all try to process all that has happened in the past month. There is allot of hope, but fear is a very real and powerful thing if it is allowed to take root. May fear have no hold on me or my family. And together we all say, "AMEN!"

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Dodi said...

Your in my prayers. Your blog is great even with all that's going on for you. Your strength and honesty is heartwarming. - Dodi from MeRa's workshop.

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