March 16, 2009

A Winding Path

It's obvious I took quite a break from blogging. I apologize to those of you who really where tracking with me on this journey and have wondered what the heck is going on. It really has been a holding pattern for the past month. I personally hit quite a wall on my return home to Oregon and have spent much of my time laying low at home with my family. Being on the front lines in Washington was where I was needed and where I wanted to be, but I really had allot to process when I finally was able to step away and realized all that had happened in such a short amount of time. My emotions got the best of me for a few weeks and I am just now feeling kind of normal...what ever that is?

So as for an update....
My mom has not wasted a day. She hired an island contractor to clear the fire debris. There's still much work to be done on the farm, but it's a start. Mom has been traveling back and forth to visit my dad and is trying her best to plan ahead for his arrival back to his Seattle apartment and future return to the farm. Most likely my dad will be in a wheel chair or crutches for some time after his mid April surgery. Dad's body is still fighting infection and the doctors have opted to keep him on antibiotics up to the surgery date and after. We are hopeful that they will find no infection and that a new hip can be placed. Our biggest fear is of losing dad while in surgery or due to possible future infection. Second to that, is the loss of his leg or mobility. There is an underlying anxiousness about what the future will look like on many fronts. I think all of us are doing our best to trust God daily as we wait and allow the story to unfold in our lives. Some of us have had a harder time coping with the stress than others ( yes- I'm speaking for myself)....My dad is doing his best to be patient as he sits in a room being a full time patient. He admits some days are better than others. His biggest complaint as of late is the obnoxious 3am wake up's of bright lights and a rude nurse, who has since been dismissed from his care. The reality that he will most likely walk with quite of a limp for the rest of his life and that he has a long recovery ahead of him is tough news to hear, but is quickly put in perspective with the gratitude he and we all have to just still be alive!

We are headed back up to Washington soon and look forward to helping them pass the time. The picture of my parents above is one of my favorites. It was taken this past November right before life got so complicated in the start of the new year. We had all just walked 1/4 mile hand in hand down a dark path to the SunRiver lodge to go find Santa. Makayla was holding hands with Scott, Luke with Grandma and I will forever treasure walking hand in hand with my dad on life's path.

May we all remember to hold on to our strong, mighty and heavenly father's hand no matter where the path may lead! May God be blessed as we trust Him to lead us.

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