April 8, 2011

Blue Skies and Cherry Blossoms...

Cherry Blossoms 
Poem by Raksha Bhat 

Cherry blossoms pink and glee under the rainbow skies
A night that meets the yellow sparkle of cheerful fireflies

Blades tall sway and swing with the winds in joyous green
Birds white that fly past the window before they are seen
Suns and moons happy aplenty on the mountains plain
Paper boats that run and sail along in the evening rain

Castles on the sand that are built let the strongest be
A smile blooming out of the blues for the soul to see

Deep midst the heart live these wishes and dreams
Blessed abound is this little life than it truly seems

Joys within are many that last beyond the search of bliss
Yonder not are the gifts to gain and we fight only to miss. 

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