December 19, 2007


A gift came home from work with Scott today. A dear lady in our church made this for us as a Christmas gift. I am in awe of the patience one must have to accomplish a work of art like this. I think I will stick to pushing a button and hearing a shutter flip! This beautiful blanket is about 6'x8'! I found it a comfort today because I find myself discouraged with a recent diagnosis of quite progressed Aostio Arthritis in my lower back. It is good to finally have a diagnosis after four years of chronic and sometimes debilitating pain. Now it is time for me to move forward with proper pain management, good nutrition and exercise. Other wise I may just have to take of knitting after all! This blanket also comforted me as I was wrapped by its warmth while talking to my mom on the phone. Mom shared with me that we almost lost grandma last night. Grandpa died just last month and now Grandma is incredibly fragile after suffering another stoke. She made it through the night but today is more or less in a comma like state. How precious the bond between husband and wife and how lovely the mother/ child relationship is as my mom sat with her mother today gently near by as a comfort. I LOVE YOU MOM.

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emmaus said...

pretty blanket. I'm a knitter and crocheter. That is crochet... no less lovely.

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