April 27, 2008


The first burst of cherry blossoms and daffodils gave alert that a "family day trip" was soon in the making. I was raised in the Pacific Northwest and the onset of spring brought much anticipation of our voyage to Skagit Valley to see all the vibrant colored fields of Tulips. In wanting to stay with tradition and desiring to give my own kids fond family memories, we set out to find rainbow fields! We not only found beautiful fields of flowers, but also lots of fun activities for the kids and other big mechanical sights to see.

The Steam Engines where Luke's favorite, well until the whistle blew that is!

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Erin said...

Your pictures are always such an inspiration to me! I am planning to go see the local tulips tomorrow so I'll have fun getting some photos too! Yours are beautiful, and it's great to see your smiling faces.gf

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